Rodent Trapping, Removal and Exclusion

Rodent Control Services Trenton, FL

Stop Rodents From Running Rampant

Get rodent control services in Trenton & Newberry, FL

Don't panic if mice and rats have invaded your home or office. We'll use proven-effective baits and traps to remove every last rodent from your living space. After that, our rodent removal experts will show you how rodents were entering your home and give you helpful advice on how to keep them from re-entering.

Call on Between The Cracks Termite And Pest Control LLC for reliable rodent control services in the Trenton & Newberry, FL area. We can block entry points to keep rats, mice, squirrels and opossums out of your home or workplace.

Don't let rodents chew their way through your home

Between The Cracks Termite And Pest Control offers rodent removal services in Trenton & Newberry, FL and surrounding areas.

Rodents aren't as harmless as some people think. They can damage or contaminate your:

  • Upholstery
  • Electrical wiring
  • Paper products
  • Insulation
  • Food

Contact us today to get rodent removal services. We can rid your home or commercial space of all kinds of rodents.